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Jib cranes

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Jib cranes

Jib cranes are designed to handle heavy loads. They present a low-cost, practical, and ideal solution for various material handling needs. They are indispensable for production sites. There are freestanding jib cranes that can complete full, articulated, or triangular rotations. Wall-mounted jib cranes can be reverse, articulated, or triangular.


AW’s jib cranes come in different sizes and with varying load capacities, in order to match our clients’ needs, limitations, and budgets.

For example, we offer a lightweight and low-cost version of our electric slewing jib crane. This model is designed for heavy use and safety, since it is completely motorized. With this model, you can also choose from a variety of boom types.

We carry both electric and air-powered jib cranes. They can be equipped with hooks, hoists (chain hoists or rope hoists), or spreader beams. Other grasping mechanisms, such as magnets or suction, are also available.

For the safety and security of users and the materials being handled, jib cranes are firmly secured to a wall or ceiling. They can also be mounted to a floor or concrete block, resting against a steel column.